I met K in the middle of the day at a local bar.

We had already established via text that whatever may come it was going to be casual. Very casual. My very first impression of him was that he was extremely clean cut. The type of guy that really takes care of his appearance also, the fact that he picked loose hairs off my sweater and told me I had something in my teeth kind of gave him away as being a bit of a neat freak. Conventionally good looking, I could see that K is the type who had been told many times throughout his life that he was handsome. He was confident bordering on arrogant, well dressed and talkative. He had the type of frenetic energy that belongs to someone who works in a high paced environment. I could see by the way he approached our conversation that there was no way he could see me. There just wasn’t room in his mind to contextualise who I was as a person. I was just the woman he was going to have sex with. He was perfect. I wasn’t looking to fall in love, I was looking for sex. No strings no bullshit sex. We kissed a few times, it was nice. After two martini’s ‘martini’s are like tits’ he told me ‘two is perfect, three is too many’ (I agreed) it was time to take care of the business at hand.
We went back to my apartment. I was slippery with anticipation as soon as we arrived. This was the first person I was going to sleep with after seperating from my husband. I offered him a glass of wine and on the way to the kitchen he took my body in his hands and violently slammed me against the cupboard kissing me with great enthusiasm. With unimaginable ease (jeans these days are pretty damn tight) he pushed his hand down my pants and put his fingers in my ‘pussy’. It made me groan. The moment lasted a few seconds.

We broke off and I poured wine.
By the time I entered the living room he was on the couch. I barely sat down before he told me he wanted me to suck his cock. ‘Yes, I’ll do that’ I said. After all, what’s a bj to me as long as We keep our eyes on the prize? After performing this task for a while I came up for air, looked up at him and said ‘I want to fuck you now’. ‘ I was just going to make you suck my cock and go home’. He said. What?‘ ‘That’s not going to happen’. I took off my jeans and straddled him. Immediately I could feel he had gone a little soft. We kept at it however and after a little tousle on the ground toward the end he came.
I did not.
Immediately he started to dress himself. ‘There’s cum on my jeans!’ He cried. ‘This is dry denim!’ I knew what dry denim was. I owned a pair like his myself and had bought dry denim for my ex husband and friends. ‘It’s a badge of honor. You met a woman for a drink and within two hours you got sex. That’s pretty good I’d say.’

Still, he was sulky.

We had a very brief exchange, he downed his wine and left.
Later he called to check that I was ok with him taking off like that. ‘My god yes! That’s perfect’. And it was. The sex could have been better but I was happy with the structure of this arrangement. We agreed to be fuck buddies and I knew it would be better next time. I hoped at least.
The next day K ‘sexted’ me. This was my first sext so, in my characteristically inappropriate way I thought it would be funny to pretend I didn’t know who it was. He was not as amused as I was and I had to wonder if we were off to a rocky start.