The time had come for me to take myself back to my aesthetician. I arrived early and she hadn’t come to work yet, so I waited for her. After all, it wasn’t just a good wax I wanted.

After the preperations were complete we got down to business:

Laying there completely nude under harsh lighting I asked ‘how have things been? Are you still with your boyfriend with the disappointing package?’ rip ‘Oh no. I went back to my man with the big cock’ rip ‘Oh yes’ rip ‘Is he your boyfriend now?’ rip ‘No not yet but I bet by the time you come in next he will be’  rip ‘The sex just keeps getting better. I can orgasm just through penetration’ rip

I have to pause for a moment here. I think I can speak for all women when I say orgasm via penetration is the Holy Grail, the Unicorn. We have all tirelessly ventured into our bodies in search of the elusive G-spot but I only know of one woman who found it. Even then, she was still unsure if she was climaxing through clitoral stimulation. So you understand, this was interesting news. My aesthetician was turning into my own Dr Ruth. She was an inspiration.

‘I can do it when he’s on top but it’s much better when I’m on top’ rip She demonstrated by gyrating her hips and torso in a way that reminded me of someone polishing a car with their ass. I levered myself up on the bench to get a good view. I wish I’d taken a video for later. She made it look simple. I was jealous. ‘But now I’m making him take me out on a date. What should I wear?’ rip We discussed the merits of a good pair of jeans with heels as an effective aphrodisiac if not just for ourselves and where to purchase both.

This brings up another subject I had been contemplating. Do women require intimacy to climax or does a good orgasm create intimacy? Either way, I knew I was missing a piece of the puzzle.