My friend from Australia, J had been staying on my couch for a little while. Having just rode his Harley across the US, he was exhausted and sore but elated and the most at peace I’d ever seen him. He was living the dream and I enjoyed hearing his stories. To thank me for letting him stay he took me out to dinner one night. We decided on a local Brooklyn restaurant that produces wonderful farm to table food.

Just after my meal arrived I got up to use the bathroom. I was the only person waiting until a man stood next to me. Tall and handsome with a book under his arm he asked ‘is this the line?’

We engaged in a brief dialogue:

Him – are you having a good night?

Me – yes

Him – are you here with other people?

Me – I’m having dinner with a friend

That was all that was said.

A stall became available and I gestured with my arm after you to which he responded in kind.
To my astonishment he followed me into the room and locked the door behind him. He came close to me, took my hand and put it on his very hard cock and then touched my crotch. I couldn’t believe he’d worked up a hard on in that space of time. We kissed and then kissed again.
Still surprised, I said ‘actually, I just wanted to use the bathroom.’ To which he replied ‘ok’. Turned, unlocked the door and walked away.

I never knew his name and I never saw him again.

I returned to our table and told J what had just happened. I must have been away for all of two and a half minutes. After we got over the incredulity we laughed our asses off. Even though my friend L had been trying to convince me to write this blog for some time, this was the first moment I really thought it might be a good idea.

I texted K briefly about the experience and his response was unexpected “Why would you tell me that? In a bathroom? I don’t think that’s awesome.” This was when I knew he would be on the way out. There are some that can do ‘casual’ and those that maybe can’t. I don’t mind either way but I knew what I was looking for and it wasn’t that. It was more like what had happened a few minutes ago. Anonymous, slightly dangerous and fun all at the same time.