‘How are you?’

‘I don’t think we’re a good match. Too many bruises. ‘

‘Take care…..’
‘You asked for those bruises.’

Sent picture of some bruises. A couple on the shoulder, my thigh and bottom.


‘Wow……. babe I’m so sorry. ‘

‘No worries.’

‘I only spanked you like that because I thought you wanted it.’

‘I did. I definitely don’t like gagging though and you do. It’s just a bit far for me.’

‘Maybe it had to do with you asking me to spank you.’

‘Did I?’

‘I’m truly sorry.’

‘I’m not upset.’

‘I thought you wanted it like that.’
‘I was adapting to give you what you wanted.’

I’m cool. I’m not upset.’

‘This is why I didn’t cum.’

‘Oh no!’

‘It was me trying on sexual behaviors that I don’t practice normally so it was new and a bit scary but I was trying to be dominant for you babe.’

‘Well you certainly did that, that’s for sure.’

‘My normal sexual behavior is more like our first time together.’

‘That was good!’

‘Babe, I want you again.’