I was so pleased to see my aesthetician again.

‘So? Is he your boyfriend yet?’

(sadly) ‘Nooo. We go out all the time though.’ rip

‘So you spend time together, a lot. You have lots of sex. What’s the definition?’

‘He asked me how I felt about him and I told him I liked him a lot and do you know what he said? I don’t want to hurt you.’  rip

Grrrrrr… ‘That was a trap.’

‘But then the other night’ rip

‘He got crazy! He told me to get on my knees and then he pulled my hair and started slapping me.’

‘Did you like it?’

‘YEAH!’  rip

‘I get it. It’s good right? I’ve had a bit like that.’

‘I had a crush on this guy and I went back to his apartment and we were pretty drunk.’  rip

‘The sex was rough. Really rough. I woke up the next morning and you know how inside you’re a beautiful pink color? Well. I was black and blue.’

‘Was it good though?’

‘Yes.’  rip ‘ but I don’t remember all of it.’

I told her about Tiger. She moved my legs so that my knees were to my chin. It brought back memories of Marvin.

‘Sounds like you’re doing good. How do I get that?’  rip

I told her about Tinder and the two other guys I had on the go. One, an investment lawyer with a Harley and the other,  Rebecca and I call Beach Bum, a young but retired guy following the surf. Just potential hook ups sexting me, waiting in the wings. Plus, Marvin and I were due to see each other Sun.

‘I want to hear about the lawyer next time.’

‘You’re on.’