It was Saturday night and I’d just been out dancing till 2 am at b0b in the Lower East Side.

On my way home I stopped in at my favorite bar. J was working but I didn’t know anyone else there. That was ok, I just wanted to stop in for one or two drinks. I took a spot at the window and leaned across the bench (no stools) to geek out on my phone. I had only been there for two minutes when a man came and sat on the bouncer’s chair outside about a foot away from my face.

‘You have a great ass.’

‘Thank you’.

‘No, really, you do.’

‘Thank you.’

Then a sweet young man came along and asked if he could take my photo, another guy came over and touched my ass, one more guy leant in next to me.

The Radiator was dialed up to 10.

‘If you are texting me I’m not receiving them.’

‘Oh yes, and what would my texts say?’

‘You tell me.’

‘I would never text you.’ He was persistent though.

‘What have you been doing today?’

‘Today I saw a friend who I kinda pushed away (A) and he really let me have it. I deserved everything he said.’ Really, I was a bit wounded and needed time to mull it over.

We chatted for a little longer and after two drinks I was done. He offered to walk me home. Here was the moment when I needed to decide if I was going to have sex with this guy. He was cute but I couldn’t remember his name and I was too embarrassed to ask a third time. But is that really a requirement? Not these days.

What the hell.

As soon as we got upstairs he ripped off my jeans. ‘I want to taste that pussy.’

Ok so we were on then.

He dived in with relish. That was nice and all but I definitely need a warm up and a tongue can sometimes feel like sandpaper if it’s all about force rather than finesse. Anyway, it was a bit too intimate for me. I told him I’d rather fuck him and he asked me to suck his cock. In fact he just said ‘get on your knees’. No problems there. He was quite hard which, is always a bonus for a quickie. He was fond of a bit of dirty talk and he referred to himself as my ‘daddy’. He was most definitely enjoying the bj and if I could give a tip to those strong silent types; it does wonders for a woman’s confidence to get a bit of real time feedback. That went on for a little while and then I straddled him, we were still half dressed. It was desperate and messy, the kind of sex I used to have and always wanted to have with my ex husband. We were away.

Soon after he flipped me over the arm of my couch and he took me from behind. He was definitely holding back on me and I asked him to fuck me harder. Tiger swung into action; he leant forward and grabbed my hair and pulled my head up with one hand and started choking me with the other. (After a shitty day feeling emotionally wrecked it made me feel so much better. To feel something so intense and being able to let go at the same time. I didn’t feel trapped as I so often do when my emotions are involved. It felt more like letting go). Unlike Marvin, Tiger got it just right. He gripped my neck just for a minute or so. Enough for me to feel rather uncomfortable and then he released me, giving me some air. Then he’d smack my bottom a few times before pulling me up by my hair and doing it again. It was just the right amount for me. He continued to fuck me hard right up until he came.

He put his clothes on and went upstairs to my bathroom to clean himself up. I wondered if he’d notice the sticker chart on the wall for my son’s potty time or the chalk drawings on the black board in the hallway, but did I care? Only in the way that I felt uncomfortable with anyone seeing any part of my kid’s life. A life I strove to protect from all this.

When he walked back down he asked if we could exchange numbers. I gave him mine but didn’t bother taking his, I knew I wouldn’t call him. Besides, I still didn’t know his name.

This, for me was a proper one night stand. The way it should be. Furious and fast and no strings.