I had just seen my friend, a woman I love dearly who was about to return overseas and feeling a bit low, I decided to sit on my stoop for a cigarette and ginger beer.

A man approached me to “bum a cigarette”. He was tall, blonde and had a thick Southern accent. House sitting for a friend, Hank had not been in the area long. In fact, he lived on my street, just up the block. I found out he was a fellow divorcee, a musician and very available. That much, he made clear. He took my number as I pootled down the block to sit with the amazing R. 5 minutes later I received a text.

We should hang out.

Great. How about now?

It took only a few minutes for me to get to where he was staying. He poured me some red and we got chatting. It turns out Hank had a lot to say about the single scene in NYC and women of my vintage who apparently, really, really want to settle down, desperately it seems. As he was talking I was wondering if he’d be a good co-blogger. He told me he knew he was part of the top 20% meaning, he was good looking (and he is) and charismatic enough to run the game. He could take his pick and so he did.

We had sex. He was good. Clearly well practiced. I liked the way he held my head, as if to command me. He threw me around the bed a bit, moving me to and fro to suit his needs. I told him he didn’t fuck like a white guy and definitely not like a farm boy from Tennessee. But then again, he’s 41 so he’d had time to get a few notches in his belt. We talked about this: “that’s what every woman wants” he told me with confidence. He seemed to think he knew a lot about women and who was I to argue? After all, I was reaping the benefits of his experience. Then we had sex again and then we had sex again. I could get used to this. I didn’t cum though. In fact he didn’t even try which, is not the ultimate aim but definitely helps things along a bit.

Hank and I agreed we should do it again sometime. Over the next few nights we texted back and forth hoping to hook up but he always arrived home late from his gigs and frankly, I needed sleep more than anything. Still, it’s always good to have someone local to have fun with and I was looking forward to seeing him again, that sweet, big guy from Tennessee.