I can’t remember when I had sex with Tiger but it was some months ago. He had been texting me for a long time now often daily, 5 times a day. Most of the time I didn’t respond and that didn’t seem to matter to him. Tiger didn’t have a position in the rotation. He loved to send me animated gifs of people having kinky sex. The other day, somewhere in the middle of one of his ceaseless streams of sexts he told me his name.

I can never predict the details that provoke a change of heart for me. Knowing his real name did something and after all, it was a marvelous name. I finally wrote back. He had told me he wanted to “pour red wine over my pussy and then drink it.”

Easy Tiger.

I agreed to meet him out. Tiger was tall and slim and well dressed. He had a tweed John Dory on, long legs and a beautiful face. So this was how he got his foot in the door the first time.
He was serious. He talked about his work. He told me about the decline of his relationship and his kid. He didn’t like that his babymama had gone out drinking with friends till all hours.
Apparently it “wasn’t right.” He then told me about a friend at his work who started screwing the cleaning lady. He pissed into a bowl and got her to lap it up like a dog, videotaping the whole thing and then showing his colleagues.

This was not the shocker for Tigs.

The shocker was that he then asked her to move in. According to Tiger, this wasn’t right either. I was compelled to set him straight on a few things and did.

It was his work buddy who was an ass and we all know being a freak in the sack doesn’t mean you don’t get to meet the parents.

Turns out Tiger has some pretty strange ideas. I was rearranging the roster in my head.

We went back to my place for a drink. Tigs had his shoes off and his pants undone before I even sat down. He was keen, that was certain. He started bossing me around straight away but he asked me things too.

It went something like this “get on your knees and suck my cock….. Can I videotape you?”
Hell no!
“Daddy wants to fuck you in your ass.”
“Then will you eat my ass?”
Why sure!
And so it went on, moving from one activity to another. We fucked on every surface in my living room.

Tiger was a natural pervert. This wasn’t what I found peculiar; he wore a crucifix around his neck and when he was on top I had to turn it around so that it was on his back and I didn’t have to look at it. Also, he wanted the lights off, like a teenager.

I laughed out loud at his enthusiasm more than once. I wanted to take him to the park and let him run around a little, throw the tennis ball out there.

He was also rough. Like last time he hauled me about a bit and took me to the brink.

Finally he asked if he could go up to my bed. I said no but he was very persistent. I should have been a bit firmer and smacked his nose. I like to keep my bed to myself. Instead I relented.

Goodness did he keep going! I was getting tired so I climaxed and rolled out from under him. I was laughing. He told me he should not have drunk so much and he was beating his cock pretty furiously. He asked me to put on some porn and I said no. After all, he had a real live girl right there.

I went downstairs, pootled about a bit and poured myself a glass of wine. I had gotten what I wanted and I was ready to end the night. When I got back he was still going.

“Daddy want to stick it inside you.”
He was Caribbean and had told me many times how much he “liked my white pussy.” So daddy had some white pussy and I told him dirty stories, filthy ones. Turns out that’s his jam. He was delighted and finished pretty quickly.

Well done Tiger.

He leapt off the bed and had a shower. He asked for a clean towel. No stink on this guy. His ass however, was all over my face.

As soon as he left I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I saw a large mark on my leg, exactly hand shaped. There was blood on my bedding. Where had that come from?

The next day my leg looked pretty bad. Plus my ass was sore. Untouchable. Right then I knew it was the bruising I didn’t like. I didn’t want colorful records of achievement, I wanted to set it and forget it.

I was supposed to be seeing the English guy the next night. English was dtf in a big way and it was a little off putting. I didn’t know what I wanted from him but going to Williamsburg to get it might be a deal breaker.
For now I wanted to snuggle in with my boys in my bed.

I’d have to change the sheets first.