I met Bluey on Tinder. It was silly, really. We were just goofing around, talking crap…..Chin music. He had as my friend E would say “mad game.” He was very forward. He was cheeky! Best of all, he was funny.

He sent me a picture and I told him he was gorgeous.

We’re gonna fuck!

I could imagine him bouncing up and down on a trampoline whilst typing it. His enthusiasm was catchy.

Yes. Yes we are.

I saw him a few days later. Early in the morning. He came over and wordlessly, we took our clothes off and charged each other. He had a lot of power and an exceptional cock. He knew how to use it. He fucked me hard. Just how I like it and then he made me cum in the most spectacular way. This guy had chops.

Here’s the thing: Not every person can screw like that I know this for sure. If there were only a dozen men in New York with this special power I had been with 4 of them. In other words, as rare as it might seem, being a great lover is the baseline with me and somehow I had been lucky this year. I was hopeful when I was meeting Bluey that I might be able to add him to the roster. I wanted fresh blood, but I wanted to like my next guy. I also had J: a new one, a sexy chick and fellow single mum. Sweet, self aware and womanly, it had been too long for that.



We fell back, shaky. He started talking. He told me you doesn’t normally do this kind of thing which, didn’t matter to me at all. He had a funny accent and I’ve never seen someone move their mouth like that when they talked. He looked at my face when he talked to me, his hands were nuggety, we had the the same colored eyes, he smelled wonderful, he wriggled a lot, he was soft and hard in all the right places – in his mind and his body. He was a ranga, a blood nut, a bluey. He knew who he was and that’s the best kind of man to be around.

Everything that came out of his mouth was either funny or true. On reflection, I tried to differentiate between the matrix of factors that went into what transpired that morning but ultimately this is the reason it happened for me: everything was either funny or true. We fucked some more and literally moved the bed. When he touched me I felt my innards go achy. He was sexually liberated. While this is important for women it matters where men are concerned too. When two sexually liberated people get together there’s no telling how good it can be.

After some time we lay in each other’s arms. He touched my hair and kissed my neck. He held my hand. I wanted him to do all of that. I hardly remembered how it felt to want someone to do this; touch me in this way, instead of viewing it as an unpleasant but necessary byproduct of the sex act. It was amazing really, how quickly I fell into it. It was a lightning fast attraction. Bluey had found the hidden entrance without much effort at all. We knew we were in it deep already; enough to clear our rosters. I didn’t even try for a second to shake him off.

To E’s astonishment, I spent the next few days declining the usual invitations.

I’m gonna stick with one guy for now. I’m out of the game. Good luck. 

I didn’t even look back.